What we offer

Behavior Modification - Behavior modification is dependent on each particular dog/family needs. Behavior modification, combined with basic training, is a winning combination for reducing or eliminating undesirable behavior.

Obedience Training - Classes are typically 8 or 12 week sessions, but can be tailored. Includes walk on leash, sit, down, come, and learn to accept general grooming, as well as providing pertinent information relative to each client's needs.

House Training - House training is potty training for puppies or remedial potty training for adult dogs.

Puppy Socialization & Training - Early training with your puppy is essential for preventing the development of undesirable behavior.

Aggression Issues - Aggression issues are dependent on each particuar dog/family needs.

Breed Selection Advise - Selecting the right breed for your family is an important decision.

Fun with Tricks and Games - Tricks and games are a fun way to interact with your dog while also teaching them essential skills.

Customized In-Home Service - Contact me to discuss tailored services for you and your pet.



seahorsecanines@gmail.com - Please include your contact information, a brief description of your pet, and what you need assistance with.

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