Kinder Pups

Head start training & play for your puppy ages 8 to 16 weeks and up to 1 year

Puppy Socialization & Training - Early training with your puppy is essential for preventing the development of undesirable behavior. Kinder-Pupsclasses will utilize positive reinforcement techniques that will produce well-adjusted, nicely mannered adult dogs that are dog friendly and people friendly.

Classes will include: puppy socialization skills, puppy handling, grooming skills, crate training, healthy puppy information, puppy obedience skills, house training, off-leash handling skills, puppy play and small class size for individual attention!

Kinder Pups is held at My Pet's Animal Hospital. Visit them at or 2225 Drane Field Road, Lakeland, Florida. Or for more information, contact Christine at (863) 660-7909 or (863) 644-4616.